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The company believes in creating a BETTER WORLD FOR TOMMOROW with so much of uncertainties around. Yes any Government puts up initiatives to reduce pollution, but it is after pollution is already done. Here at Innoveza Energy we undertake pretreatment of Coal before it is sent to the boiler so that effective combustion is obtained, which means there is very less of unburnt coal.

With its GREEN PLANET initiative made it to tie up with the world’s best technology provider PETROCOM ENERGY LTD., a company with its HQ at HongKong and various offices / operations around the world.


INNOVEZA through its HCBF (Homogeneous Coal Blending Facility) turns a “NON COMPLIANT COAL” to a “COMPLIANT COAL” with very high accuracy to the range of 99%.

i.e., we provide COAL EXACTLY DESIGNED TO THE BOILER REQUIREMENTS with +/- 1% tolerance using a unique state of art PATENTED technology, thereby reducing the Emission levels below the stipulated levels of Government and also increase the boiler efficiency by around 2-3%.

Established in 2005, Petrocom is engaged in the construction of a network of Coal Blending Facilities (CBFs) across China/Malaysia and India to process raw dirty coal into cleaner (ie., lower sulfur and ash) coal for use by electric utilities.

We are the first company to address China’s acid rain (ie. sulfur dioxide) and smog (ie. fly ash) problems via cleaner coal.

Petrocom’s proprietary technology was adopted from Europe where it is proven with 17 years of operational experience; we have the exclusive evergreen license for all of Asia, South Africa and the Americas.

Company Founder (Howard Au) has extensive experience in shipping, utilities and trading. Mr. Au was most recently a Founding Partner and Head of Coal Trading for Glencore Asia Ltd. during the 1990s. Prior to that, he worked at China Light & Power.

Petrocom has completed one CBF at Lianyungang (LYG) Port with an annual capacity of 10 million metric tons. LYG commercial operations are expected to begin in 3Q 2014

CBF - Concept Description

Instead of blending crudely on the ground/over the conveyor/along various mill sections without exactly knowing the ratios of blend, our CBF technology involves six silos, each capable of holding 9,000 tons of different types of coal. Using a sophisticated system of conveyor belts and software, Petrocom (PEL) can meet stringent emission requirements as demanded by utilities.

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